Invitation by our Presidents

Dear friends,



It is my pleasure to welcome you to the second joint scientific meeting of the Belgian Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery and the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Thoraxchirurgie – on our way to a new tradition!


Based on the experience and reception of the first joint meeting (Antwerp 2017), the organizing committee decided to stay with a 2-days convention. For this year, the beautiful city of Maastricht will be the venue.


The abstracts that were sent for review were all rated by both societies, and the highest rated contributions will be presented in the scientific meeting on Friday 15 November per domain (Adult Cardiac, Congenital and Thoracic). We are convinced that this convention will be an inspiring setting for (young) investigators, and hope for lively interaction and discussion during the sessions. At the end of the day, prizes will be awarded for best abstract and best presentation.


The general assembly of the NVT will also take place on Friday 15 November, parallel to that of BACTS and the meetings for residents and allied healthcare professionals. Apart from science, the meeting will also offer a place to meet old friends – and make new. Friday evening can be spent at Kasteel de Hoogenweerth, where a walking dinner will be organized.


On Saturday 16 November, the societies for extracorporeal circulation/technology from both countries will join with our societies in a session that focuses on a theme where we all meet: ECMO/ECLS.





We look forward to meeting you in Maastricht!


Jerry Braun

President Nederlandse Vereniging voor Thoraxchirurgie


Dear colleagues and members,

Dear friends,


I have the pleasure to welcome you at the BACTS-NVT meeting 2019

in Maastricht, building further on the experience and tremendous

meeting we held together with our colleagues of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Thoraxheelkunde in Antwerp two years ago.


We are again excited but confident that this meeting will be of outstanding quality, embracing the scientific strength of two societies, yielding excellent expertise on both domains of cardiac and thoracic surgery.


As last time in Antwerp, the format of the meeting as been adapted to a 2-day meeting, starting on Friday November 15th with the traditional plenary sessions, followed by a walking dinner at Kasteel de Hoogenweerth in Maastricht.


On Saturday November 16th in the morning, a session on ECMO has been organized, in collaboration with the Belgian Society of Extracorporal Technology and the Nederlandse Socïeteit voor ExtraCorporale Circulatie, highlighting extracorporal circulation from both the surgeon and perfusionist’s perspectives.


To accommodate this meeting a location central to all societies has been chosen in Maastricht at the MECC. Included to the program, at the end of the Friday morning session, the BACTS General Assembly will be organized, including this year the election of a new BACTS Board for the coming four years.


On behalf of the BACTS, I hope that you all warmly receive these initiatives and respond unanimously by being largely present at the time of the meeting, by affording scientific contributions and by offering some of your time and expertise, to the advantage of our professional organization.


Best regards,


Philippe Nafteux

President 2018-2019


Congress Venue

The NVT and BACTS are inviting you to join them in Maastricht, In the Congress Center M.E.C.C. for the Joint 2019 congress.


The NVT-BACTS joint congress will take place in the part of the MECC called "EURO CENTRE"


MECC Maastricht’s story is one about a team of people.

A team that acts based on their firm conviction to give more than people expect. MECC Maastricht literally and figuratively goes ‘beyond boundaries’ to ensure our customers’ success and the ultimate experience for visitors. This vision, in combination with the European and central location of MECC Maastricht, with Belgium and Germany at a mere stone’s throw away, offers unique, cross-border possibilities.

Address:      MECC Maastricht

                      main Entrance:

                      Forum 100

                      6229 GV Maastricht


The NVT-BACTS joint congress will take place in the part of the MECC called "EURO CENTRE"

Access to the EURO CENTRE :  via Main Entrance : staircase to 1st floor

How to get there?

By car

Signing of MECC is visible as soon as you reach the outer ring of Maastricht. Follow these signs until you reach the MECC car park. If you are travelling south on the A2/E25 motorway (from Amsterdam- Eindhoven), take exit 55 signed ‘Randwyck-MECC’.

If you are travelling north on the A2/E25 motorway (from Paris-Liège) take exit 56 signed for ‘Gronsveld-MECC’.


By bus

There is a bus about every five minutes between the city centre, Maastricht Central Station and MECC Maastricht (bus stop “Forum”).


By train

“Maastricht-Randwyck” station is located 250 metres from MECC Maastricht and is part of the national and international railway network. There are frequent trains to Maastricht Central Station, which is also linked to the national and international railway network.


By plane

Maastricht-Aachen Airport is located 10 km from MECC Maastricht and only 15 minutes away by car, taxi or bus.


Address :


                       MECC Maastricht (main entrance)

                       Forum 100,

                       6229 GV Maastricht

Congress Venue:   Euro Centre


Main Congress Room:       Florin & Euro

Break- out Room 2:            Dollar

Break- out Room 3:            Yen



Exhibition area (Millennium Foyer + annex)


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The MECC Team is offering a hotel booking service for the participants of the Joint NVT-BACTS congress.

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Registration & Registration Fees

We do invite you to register on line for the 2019 Joint Congress of the NVT and BACTS in Maastricht.

In case you will need to make a payment on line, an invoice will be issued and handed over at the registration desk.

Registration Fees



                                         Member of BACTS or NVT..................0 Euro


                                         Non- Member...................................80 Euro


                                         Buitengewone Leden (NVT)............  0 Euro


                                         Medical Student................................0 Euro




Meeting dinner on Friday night :



                                         Member of BACTS or NVT............... 75 Euro


                                         Non- Member, partners.................  75 Euro


                                         Buitengewone Leden (NVT)..........  75 Euro




If you need hotel accommodation, please use the link below. The MECC Team of the hotel booking desk will help you further. Hotel accommodation will have to be settled directly with the hotel.

Friday 15th November

08:00           Registration


08:30           Introduction chairmen BACTS-NVT

Congenital cardiac session


Moderators: Ryan Accord, UMCG Groningen - Alain Poncelet,  UCL Bruxelles

08:45           The pulmonary autograft after the Ross and Ross-Konno operation: results from 25-year’s follow-up.

                     T. Bove1, N. Bradt1, T. Martens1, K. François1, M. Peers de Nieuwburg2, G. de Beco2, J. Rubay2, A. Poncelet1

                     (Gent1, Louvain-en-Woluwe2, B)


08:57           Mechano-biological adaptation of the pulmonary artery exposed to systemic conditions.

                     E. Vanderveken, J. Vastmans, P. Claus, E. Verbeken, L. Van Hoof, K. Vandendriessche, P. Verbrugghe, H. Fehervary, N. Famaey,

                     F. Rega  (Leuven, B)


09:09           Evaluation of the mode of failure in fontan patients with an extracardiac total cavopulmonary connection.

                     J. Van Puyvelde, F. Rega, W. Budts, B. Cools, M. Gewillig, B. Meyns  (Leuven, B)


09:21           Mitral valve replacement with the 15-MM mechanical mitral valve in infants: a 20-year multi-center experience.

                     R. J. IJsselhof1, M. G. Slieker1, M. G. Hazekamp2, R. Accord3, H. van Wetten4, F. Haas1, P. H. Schoof1

                     (Utrecht1, Leiden2, Groningen3, Nijmegem4, Nl)


09:33          Follow-up after biventricular repair of the hypoplastic left heart complex.

                     R. J. IJsselhof1, S. D. R. Duchateau1, R. M. Schouten1, M. W. Freund2, J. Heuser3, Z. Fejzic4, F. Haas1, P. H. Schoof1,

                    M. G. Slieker1  (Utrecht1,  Oldenburg2 ,D, Veldhoven3, Nijmegen4, Nl)


09:45          Truncus arteriosus repair without RV-PA valve.

                      W. Bakhuis, N. A. Korsuize, A. van Wijk, H. B. Grotenhuis, F. Haas, P. H. Schoof  (Utrecht, Nl)


10:15           Coffee Break


Adult cardiac session


  Moderators: Suzanne Kats, MUMC Maastricht - Steven Laga,  UZA Antwerpen

10:45           Evaluating the diagnostic accuracy of aortic diameter, length and volume for prediction of aortic dissection.

                     S. Heuts1, B.P. Adriaans1, B. Rylski2, C. Mihl1, S.C.A.M. Bekkers1, J.R. Olsthoorn1,3, E. Natour1,4, M. Berezowski2,5, K.

                     Koriosowska5,  H.J. Bouman1, H.J.G.M. Crijns1, J.G. Maessen1, J.E. Wildberger1, S. Schalla1, P. Sardari Nia1

                     (Maastricht1,Nl, Freiburg2,D, Eindhoven3,Nl   Aachen4,D, Wroclaw5,Pl)


10:57          Long-term outcomes after bicuspid aortic valve repair: comparison between two annuloplasty strategies.

                     L. de Kerchove, S. Tamer, S. Mastrobuoni, P. Noirhomme, P. Astarci, G. El Khoury  (Louvain-en-Woluwe, B)


11:09           Treatment of extensive aortic valve endocarditis with the freestyle bioprosthesis, a midterm evaluation.

                     Y . Regragui, L. Van Hoof, P. Herijgers, W. Oosterlinck, M.-C. Herregods, B. Meuris, P. Verbrugghe  (Leuven, B)


11:21          Improved quality of life after aortic valve replacement: impact of the minimally invasive approach.

                     C.D. de Roest, K.Y. Lam, S. Houterman, A.H.M. van Straten,, M.A. Soliman-Hamad  (Eindhoven (Nl)


11:33           Long-term experience with valve-sparing root reimplantation surgery in tricuspid aortic valve.

                     S. Tamer, S. Mastrobuoni, G. Aphram, P. Noirhomme, P. Astarci, G. El Khoury, L. de Kerchove  (Louvain-en-Woluwe, B)


11:45           Minimally invasive mitral valve surgery after previous sternotomy without aortic clamping:

                     short and longterm results of a single surgeon single institution.

                     K. Ko, T.L. de Kroon, B.P. van Putte, N. Saouti  (Nieuwegein, Nl)


12:00           General  Assembly NVT


                      General Assembly and report Database Committee BACTS


13:00          Lunch

Thoracic session


  Moderators:  Ad Verhagen UMCN Nijmegen -  Rodolphe Durieux, CHU Liège

14:00           Completeness of lymph node dissection in patients undergoing minimally invasive- or open surgery for

                     non-small cell lung cancer:  a nationwide study.

                     L. van der Woude1,2, M.W.J.M. Wouters2,3, K.J. Hartemink3, D.J. Heineman3, A.F.T.M. Verhagen1

                    (Nijmegen1, Leiden2, Amsterdam3,Nl)


14:12          The effect of DPP4 inhibition on lung ischemia-reperfusion injury in a mouse model.

                     L. Berzenji, A. Coquilhat, L. Van Tol, J. Hendriks, P. Van Schil  (Antwerpen, B)


14:24           Pneumonectomy for lung cancer: a slippery slope?

                     L. Berzenji, J. Hendrik, S.K. Yogeswaran, P. Lauwers, P. Van Schil  (Antwerpen, B)


14:36           20 years of pulmonary endarterectomy in UZ Leuven.

                     T. Verbelen, R. Quarck, C. Belge, L. Godinas, G. Maleux, M. Delcroix, B. Meyns  (Leuven, B)


14:48           Heart donation from donors after circulatory death using normothermic regional perfusion.

                     D. Ledoux1, V. Tchana-Sato1, K. Vandendriessche2, S. Rex2, J. Van Cleemput2, B. Cools2, B. Meyns2, F. Rega2, G. Hans1,

                     P. Massion1, J.-O. Defraigne1   (Liège1, Leuven2, B)


15:00           Coffee break

Adult cardiac session


  Moderators:  Bart Maesen, MUMC Maastricht  -   Tinne Philipsen, UZ Gent

15:30           Clinical and echocardiographic results of complex tricuspid regurgitation repair.

                     M. Pettinari, S. Deferm, P. Bertrand, C. Van Kerrebroeck, R. Dion, H. Gutermann  (Genk, B)


15:42          Does endomysial fibrosis play a role in the occurrence of post-operative atrial fibrillation?

                     R.M.R. Abrahams1, S. Verheulem1, J. Manghelli2, J. Winters1, S. van Seggelen1, B. Scaf1, A. van Hunnik1,

                     M. Gilbers1, J.G. Maessen1, U. Schotten1,  S. Melby2, B. Maesen1  (Maastricht1,Nl, St-Louis2, USA)


15:54          Real life wide adoption of minimally invasive mitral valve surgery.  A retrospective analysis of the OLVG experience.

                     S. Ozturk, T. Plonek, R. Cocchieri  (Amsterdam, Nl)


16:06           A novel in vitro flow model for testing mechanical heart valve anticoagulant therapies: proof of concept.

                     M. Devos1, L.M. de Heer2, O.C.D. Liesdek3, W.J.L. Suyker3, S. Van Tuijl1, M.C.M. Rutten1  (Eindhoven1, Leiden2, Utrecht3,Nl)


16:18           Right ventricle evaluation by cardiac magnetic resonance before and after mitral valve surgery.

                     M. Pettinari1, L. Siham2, L. De Kerchove2, A. Pasquet2, B. Gerber2, J.-L. Vanoverschelde2, G. El-Khoury2  (

                     Genk1, Louvain-en-Woluwe2, B)


16:30           Port-access mitral and tricuspid surgery improves short and long term outcome after previous cabg.

                     K. Salhiyyah, M. Boeykens Y. Vermeulen, B. Stockman, F. Casselman, R. Beelen, F. Van Praet  (Aalst, B)


16:42           Long-term follow-up of thoracoscopic ablation for long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation:

                     continuous vs interval rhythm monitoring.

                     N. Harlaar1, M.A.P. Oudeman2, S.A. Trines1, G.S. de Ruiter2, M. Khan2, K. Zeppenfeld1, A. Tjon2, T.J. van Brakel1,

                     J. Braun1  (Leiden1, Amsterdam2, Nl)


17:00           Awards Session

                                                        One prize will be handed over the best abstract and one for the best presentation.


19:00           Dinner

You are invited to join the members of the board and your colleagues for a walking dinner is one of the most beautiful locations in Maastricht. The Castle of "Hoogenweerth" is the backdrop of an evening amongst colleagues.

Saturday 16th November

09:00           Registration


09:30          E.C.M.O. in Cardio - thoracic Surgery




                                      • Antocoagulation strategy on E.C.L.S.


                                                                                                  Prof Filip De Somer,   UZ Gent


                                      • Update on Post-cardiotomy ECLS in Adult Patients


                                                                                                  Prof. Roberto Lorusso,  MUMC+ Maastricht


                                      • E.C.M.O. in Longtransplantation


                                                                                                  Prof. Georgie Lang, University Hospital Vienna


10:30           Coffee break


11:00           Cannulation Strategies in ECLS




                                       • Cannulation strategy in ECLS , the Prefusionist’s view


                                                                                                  Michel de Jong EKP; ECCP,   UMC Utrecht


                                       • Cannulation strategy in ECLS , the Surgeon’s view


                                                                                                  Prof. Steven Jacobs,  UZ Leuven


12:15           End of NVT-BACTS meeting and walking lunch


13:30           NeSECC & BelSECT:  Speeddate with the Industry


15:30          Closing remarks followed by drink and Discussion



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